PROCOLTM (Bovine Collagen Peptide)

PROCOLTM (Bovine Collagen Peptide)

Bovine collagen is a naturally occurring protein extracted form bovine species like yak, antelope, bison, water buffalo, and cows; but it is primarily derived from cartilage, bones and hides of cow.

PROCOL™ is extracted from cow hides using superior quality raw material and adhering to strict GMP standards.

Bovine collagen supplements typically contain type I & type III accounting for 90% of all the collagen in the human body, providing health benefits like arthritis relief, prevent bone loss, improved skin health etc. They both help maintain the health and structure of skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and organs.

Bovine Collagen is also widespread as a supplement and a food additive. It’s been gaining popularity in the cosmetic industry as a potential remedy to reduce the effects of skin aging
This benefits of PROCOLTM are clinically proven!
  • 59% Reduction in wrinkles.
  • 23% Improvement in skin elasticity.
  • 43% Improvement in skin hydration.
  • 22% Improvement in hair density.
  • 29% Improvement hair thickness.
  • 100% Improvement in hair growth.
  • 55% Reduction in hair fall.
  • 100% Improvement in in upper body muscle strength In just 8 weeks!!!

What’s more to this is our introduction to HP PROCOL!

HP PROCOL™ (High Protein and GRASSFED Bovine Collagen Peptide) has protein content up to 95% with easier and rapid absorption.When grass-fed, 100% organic collagen is created, it’s derived from animals that were raised in strict standards, this ensures better quality. It also means the animal has never been given any antibiotics, was able to forage and feed on greens., and wasn’t confined like factory animals. Grass fed beef are free from any antibiotics and hormones, contains more antioxidants, is lower in saturated fat and often richer in vitamins, minerals, omega 3s, and CLA than grain-fed alternatives, which can impact our metabolic health. The diet of the animals we eat is going to have a profound impact on quality of the meat and the collagen protein. Ensuring that your collagen source is grass fed will help to ensure that you receive the most premium and nutritious end product.

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PROCOL in India, PROCOL Manufacturer in India, Bovine Collagen Peptide Manufacturer in India