About Us

About Us

A subsidiary of its parent company, Collagen Life sciences Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2019, Especially to focus on producing world-class collagen, and it’s vast development in varied applications.

Our parent company, Krishna Enzytech,was founded in the year 1959, having an experience of 60+ years in Enzymes and proteins led to the innovatory development in Collagen 11 years ago integrating a special Japanese formulation.

In continuance to our product line of proteins, in our state-of-the-art facility, We, at Collagen Life sciences Pvt Ltd innovated a phenomenal range of collagen in compliance to international standards. We are passionately involved in finding new applications and developing our product range for over the years and have successful exports to over 50 countries, contributing to the upsurge of the building collagen markets. We have firmly rooted our footprint in many international markets through our existing chain of network who have trusted our company and our products from over last 6 decades.

From Generations together, our prime motto which lead to our success, has been to customize to the needs of our customers with top-notch quality surpassing expectations and maintaining a reasonable price. To carry forward and hold a sense of environmental responsibility and seeing the growing market of vegans, we are the first company in the world to officially manufacture our patent pending VEG COLLAGEN that is derived out of a few vegetables and grains.

Collagen Life sciences Pvt Ltd. It is led by visionary members with youthful energy to innovate and an experience of decades to help pave our way in becoming one of the largest manufacturers of Collagen in the world and enable people in living a healthier and fuller life naturally.

Collagen Lifesciences

Our Vision

At Collagen Lifesciences Pvt Ltd. our Managing Director, Dr Samrat Warma believes that having a vision is to have hope, and to have hope is to have an unparalleled FUTURE. Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion and driven by which we aim to pierce through the Health Sector of the world with top-notch quality and establish a sense of trust and confidence amongst our customers for our brand.

Our Mission

The core ethos of all our operations and business decisions has been to grow in a sustainable manner as well, our main mission along with being one of the collagen world leaders is to take responsibility of environment and build a value chain in the months and years to come.

Our vision and mission both is to build with a cause. A cause to bring natural ways of ailment to lead a life of stability and fullness.

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