PETPEP (Pet Collagen Peptide)

Pet Collagen Peptide

Collagen is the prodigious fibrous structural protein found in the extracellular matrix and connective tissues of animals. It is the most prolific protein present and comprises to 30% of the protein content of the whole body in mammals, especially animals. It makes up 70 to 90% of a dog’s muscles, tendons and ligaments determining the strength and elasticity of its hair, bones, nails, and teeth.

As like in humans, the collagen production in our pets also declines with the growing age, which makes them prone to injuries, poor skin and coat health, deterioration in bones and joints. Glycine, one of the many amino acids contained in collagen, has soothing properties that help promote an overall healthier, less agitated digestive system for your dog and cat.

Considering that the pets age more rapidly than we humans, the collagen level depletes more rapidly in them. Factors like exposure to environmental toxins, smoke, or UV rays only adds up to these conditions. By providing auxiliary collagen in the form of Petpep, in your pet’s diet, will give them the strength they need for the physical activities, as well as maintain their healthy skin, soft, shiny coat, and strong, powerful nails.

Petpep is a specially designed blend of Type I, II and III collagens, extracted from prominent and your pets most favourite sources like fish, chicken, and bovine to incorporate in their diet, healthcare products, supplements, etc. making it an ideal choice and a companion to your furry friend’s daily life.

Petpep Benefits for our Furbaby

  • Pain & Arthritis relief.
  • Healthy coat and nails.
  • Improved digestion .
  • Promotes healthy skin.
  • Increased appetite
  • Supports joint & bone health.
  • Keeps physically fit & active.
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PROCOL in India, PROCOL Manufacturer in India, Bovine Collagen Peptide Manufacturer in India